Add Attributes

Add Attributes:
The attribute functionality involves a set of lines with three columns separated by commas. The three columns are name, attribute, and price. The price column can be a fixed price, or it can be a + or – price.
These are the drop-down and checkbox options you will see in the store.

In the video, we created a store that is selling coffee mugs/cups. We wanted to provide color options to buyers so we setup 7 drop-down color options.
The name or title is Color, followed by the attribute (the one you will see in the drop-down option), and the price of the item.
ie. Color,Pink,5; Color,White,4; Color,Navy Blue,8

We also gave printing add-on options to the cups. These are the checkboxes. Checkboxes accept more than 1 option so we included a code !Multiple,Design. !Multiple is the code for checkboxes while Design is the name or the title.
ie. Design,Flower Print,+1; Design,Stars Print,+2
Design is the name; flower print and stars print are the checkbox options; +1 & +2 are the dollar amounts in addition to the price of the item that was selected in the drop-downs.

Do not forget to click the Save or Save and Return button before leaving the page.

Posted on May 17, 2021 1:02 pm