How to Manage Marketing Landing Page

Setting up your Page

  1. Log in to your chamber’s website
  2. Click the Start MLP Set-up button to begin or Manage Profile button if an initial page has already been created for you.
  3.  Click Continue to begin the process
  4.  Verify the following information and change if necessary.
  5. Enter text describing your business.
  6. Add your business hours
  7. List the various services you offer (a minimum of 3 are required).
  8. Add your keywords. These keywords will help your visitors find your page and will tell search engines about the content of your website’s page
  9. Add a mobile site name that you want to use(limited to 15 characters only, no spaces and special characters)

ex: Mobile Website Name : GetCrafty will be my mobile website link


Updating your Page

  1.  On the Member Menu Home Page, click Manage Profile
  • Edit Site Information– update the content of your Marketing Landing Page ( About Us verbiage, Contact Info, Services)


  • About Us Photos – images beside your About Us text. It can be an image of the products that you offer


  • Logo and Site Color Settings – if you have a business logo, this will also appear in the Member’s Directory of your chamber’s website. You can also change the font and background color of your page
  • Business Tour Photos – tour of your business on your site. Maximum of 10


  • Header and Main Images – images on top of your page. Header image is usually a logo of your business but in a rectangular size. Suggested size for Header is 980 x 300 pixels, Main image is 770 x 500 pixels.


  • Video or Audio Commercial Uploaded – If you have a Youtube video about your business, you can post this to your page using the embedded code of your video.

         Go to your Youtube video page, click the share button below the video, select the embedded code, copy this and paste it to this box. 


  • Facebook Widgets  – This allows you to display your Facebook page feed in your page and add a like button so that users can like and support your page. 

Note: Your Facebook page needs to be public. Please contact support if you need help setting this up.


  • Social Networking Links – if you have social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube


  • Create Your Keywords – words that people will search for you with when using a search engine (example: If you have a Restaurant business, use keywords like restaurant near me, food near me, diner, steak, steakhouse) If you want your keyword to be changed. Please contact the Support Team.


To view your Marketing Landing page, just click the “Click here to VIEW your current Marketing Landing Page” button on top of the Marketing Landing Page Center.

Note: If there are changes done on the images, please press CTRL+SHIFT+R on your marketing landing page for the updated images to reflect on your end.


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Posted on September 18, 2020 2:22 am