How to Use Catalog as Store Part 1

In your Advertising Network Account, in the Menu Bar, click Catalogue & Display Management.

Click Display/Product Management.

Click Add Your Display to create a new one. Or you can just edit an existing display by clicking on the pencil icon.


Add Great Title to Drive Traffic:
At the top part of the page below the menu bar, add a title in the Name/Title field. Use a great title to catch attention and Drive traffic.
Press Enter or click the button next to the Name/Title field to proceed.

Display Photos/Files:
Click the Add Display Photos button and choose from your desktop the photos you want to add.

Add Pricing and Inventory:
Key in the dollar amount of the item in the Item Price field.
Enter the number of items you have available in the Inventory field.

More information URL:
Add a link to your website that people can click to view for more information.

Add Attributes:
The attribute functionality involves a set of lines with three columns separated by commas. The three columns are name, attribute, and price. The price column can be a fixed price, or it can be a + or – price.
These are the drop-down and checkbox options you will see in the store.

Posted on May 17, 2021 11:31 am